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10/07/2023 @ 19:30 - 22:00


In this class, Vera Eva Ham will use the branches of Matridança to delve deeper into female ancestry in movement. It will be a journey where the ancestry and lineage in the experiential body of women will lead us to a creative and unique individual research.


⧫ We experience the individual and collective female heritage in the physical and energetic body and through female ancestral dances – their essential postures and matrices (undulations, accentuations, vibrations, rhythms) – we awaken our wise body and our wild and integral movement.
⧫ We gather the forces of nature from our instrument body – like hair, pelvis, feet, bones, organs – until we remember the natural forces that are ourselves!
⧫ We resignify personal history, embodying and reuniting the parts of the body history that pulsate for expression and creation, and celebrate our female lineage at last!
So be it!
July 10th
Included didactic manual and original music list for continuity in personal practice.


About Vera Eva and Matridança:

Developed by Vera Eva Ham since 2011, Matridance is a specialised body and movement methodology for women, with various exercises and approaches that synergistically develop 4 main contents:

1. ARCHEOLOGY OF MOVEMENT or the theoretical, contextual and practical study of the heritage of ancient female ritualistic and sacred dances, with a geographical focus on the Mediterranean, North Africa and Iberia – observing images, texts, objects, as well as (re) learning their body techniques, movement and dance reconstructions.

2. BODYWORK in-depth work towards authentic body wisdom – bringing together intuition, experimentation and science – with foundations in experiential anatomy, human development patterns and Matriyoga.

3. Creative INCORPORATION anchored by anthropological, mythological and symbolic study, of totems, elements and archetypal female facets; guided through active imagination (words, sounds and images) for a rediscovery of the wild and absolutely unique movement of each woman.

4. FEMALE ALCHEMY incorpus, the journey of self-knowledge that accompanies the entire training, with research central to the full and integral experience of women, enhanced by rituals and circles of sharing that are unique and catalysts of transformation.

Matridança was born from the founder’s experience of body, movement, theatre, yoga, music and visual arts over 22 years, with a research focus on the feminine and the archaeology of movement. This research was enriched by the creation of performances around remarkable female characters such as Eve, Salome and Mary Magdalene, by the contact with women with the most varied issues and experiences in individual sessions and circles, as well as by the foundation of the Matridança Company.

Matridança has been a member of the Unesco International Dance Council since 2016, and in addition to including its 150-hour international certification in its trainings, Matridança participates in the World Congress of Dance Research in Athens with performances, lectures and workshops.

So far, Matridança Essential Training already has 6 editions, each with 150 hours of classes and a final ritual performance.

In its visionary side, Matridança Essential Training was created to take further the simple sum of the pillars that constitute its base and heritage: to decondition and reinvent a dance made of women and their conscious and free bodies. And to feel once again the creative power of women dancing among themselves and for themselves!