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16/04/2023 @ 10:45 - 13:00

A guided somatic journey, connecting Body to Breath, to Earth. A movement exploration with different themes and focus; weight transfer, sensation, expansion/contraction, dynamics, sound, texture, and many more in flow to help us connect more deeply to our body, listening to its sacred wisdom. The session includes movement meditation, imagery and poetry, mindfulness of the physical body, movement as prayer and connecting to our spirit, elements inspired by cultural dances around the world, raves, trauma release and movement therapy work, yoga, a great playlist and lots of good vibes!

About Bodyflow: Us humans have developed a tendency to move in linear ways; gyms, running, fitness classes, even yoga and some types of dance like ballet is within a structure that limits the genius of the body to follow its intuitive rhythms and spaces where so much unlocking occurs.

BodyFlow encourages you to go to these places, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, encouraging a release of anxiety, stress, blockages within the body that require a surrendering and acceptance into those spaces. Whilst hoping to inspire and ignite elements of joy within your being; expand and ground your outlook to be rooted into your feet and heart. The body knows!

It is for everybody.

After having shaken off all that we need/want, recalibration and integration begins with a cleansing and recharging sound journey; with crystal bowls, vocals and reiki drums. During the whole class you will receive REIKI ENERGY. REIKI is a powerful transformative healing modality. The repetitive drum beats of REIKI DRUMMING will allow your mind to surrender, release tension and give space for old stored emotions to leave. Meditation and Sound bathing allows you to relax and take a rest from thinking; pressure, stress and unease can be released and beliefs can be transformed. The process can restructure your body and cells, tune your whole body to increase your frequency, free yourself from physical and mental blockages, allow you to find inner peace and serenity and become more energized, focused and joyful.

The event will be hosted in a beautiful space surrounded by special art and energy, we all start together at 11 so please arrive 15 mins before the class starts. We will finish at 13 pm.

If you feel called to join, below is info and details about the event(s) and info for payment. Hope to see you on the dance floor!



Art Kaizen Space – Lisbon
Rua do Açúcar Nº52
Lisbon, 1950-009 Portugal
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