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19/06/2023 @ 18:30 - 21:00

THE PLEASURE OF GIVING AND RECEIVING – INTRODUCTION TO THAI MASSAGE – Art Kaizen – Thai-massage is based on an ancient spiritual tradition that combines meditation, yoga and the practice of Metta (loving kindness). One of the characteristics of this art is the use of the whole body; this means that thai-massage practice uses not only pressure techniques, but also stretching techniques and active movement made with the hands, feet, elbows, knees,to relieve tension, promote relaxation, improve flexibility and circulation.


The goal of this introductory meeting, will be to return to the connection through touch.

During these 2h30 hours, we will immerse ourselves in a safe space to connect with ourselves, learn to bring awareness to our touch, and bring body and breath together in the dance of massage so that we can take pleasure and relax both giving and receiving.

We will practice techniques that will allow us to train the sensitivity of our hands to better feel the muscles, fascia, bone structures and subtle sensations that may arise during the practice. We will also practice sequences that will help us move and massage our friends’ bodies with less effort, connecting breath and movement to a relaxed body and mind.

The massage will be practiced in pairs, and will be divided into two moments so that everyone has the opportunity to give and receive.


  • 19 June from 18.30 to 21.00


About Egle Genova

Born in Italy on the island of Sicily, I am a doctor, doula and teacher of acroyoga and thai massage.
Building on my medical background, since 2017 I have been using Thai massage as a tool to explore the component of healing and touch either in individual or group sessions (introductory workshops). Through this practice I connect with a deeper part of myself: I see in Thai massage a meditative and healing practice for myself and others, complementary and parallel to traditional medicine. I believe that the healing journey starts from a deep connection with our centre: this connection can be encouraged with a simple intention and the power of touch.

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