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As part of our mission, we are interested in partnerships, using our resources to facilitate their implementation, being available to evaluate all ideas, projects, events or initiatives that come to us.

Our space was built with a lot of love, care and attention to detail.

At the entrance we have a reception that leads to social areas with sofas, pantry, bathrooms with shower and dressing room.

The main room is large and multifunctional, with wooden floors and natural light.

It has excellent acoustics, being equipped with a high-quality sound system, adjustable ceiling lights, with the possibility of video projection on screen. It has a bench that can seat 100 people. It also has a live streaming system and wi-fi.

Going up the stairs we find a room for smaller groups and an area for children.

All this, with a unique and harmonious decoration that enhances well-being.

Our space awaits your projects.

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