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The Organization – Kwenda Lima was born in Cape Verde, where he lived until she was 18.

He studied in Portugal and London, studying for a PhD in Aerospace Engineering.

Inspired by the environment that surrounded him since he was a child, strongly linked to music, dance and spirituality, he soon put his talents to work, helping those around him to cultivate their interior, and the Engineering became internal.

Through dance, rituals, and silence, with his own alchemy and great simplicity, he leads each person to be aware of his body, releasing memories and unconscious blocks, transforming emotions, deprogramming.

With fertile land, it becomes easier to sow and everyone can discover his potential and manifest it. And thus, a new approach to the healing and transformation of the human being is born, the Inner Kaizen Humanology (IKH).

After touring the world, in October 2017, IKH finds its space, in Lisbon, in Marvila.

It is a dream materialized in the space of an old acrylic factory, which after 6 months of total restructuring works, finds itself again, becoming a house open to the synchronization of the human being with the Matrix of the Universal Soul.

The Art Kaizen Organization that embodies this project, welcomes and shares its space, through retreats, events, training and other activities.

To learn more about Kwenda Lima and his Inner Kaizen Humanology project, visit the website at

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